Sharon Methodist

Randolph County
Org 1831
Photography by Steve Robinson

This church was organized as a Methodist Protestant Church in 1831, in a log structure which was used until 1870, when a clapboard building was constructed. In 1909, the present church building was constructed with John Pearce, Stonewall Bryan and Walter O. Phillips as trustees. The building was reworked in the 1960s, under the guidance of J. D. Spence and J. W. Edwards with donations from many families. Recent improvements include aluminum siding, landscaping, new carpet, pulpit drapes, and a new piano and communion table. Services are held at the church twice a month. The cemetery is still in use by many of the families in this area. The oldest graves were marked in the 1850s and 1860s. Records show that the first graves were in the 1840s.  These old cemeteries still contain scraps of history left behind that tell us who built and worshiped in these sanctuaries.  Click and scroll on the gallery photos below to get some Tales From the Crypt.