New Hebron Baptist

Pike County
Org 1838
Photography by Gail Des Jardin

New Hebron Baptist is a visual treasure located in the beautiful rural countryside of Pike County close to the little village of Concord.  The churches roots go back to 1833 when Concord Primitive Baptist was formed in the village of Hard Head.  Hard Head was the original name of what became Concord, chartered in 1887 by the Georgia Assembly under the governorship of John B. Gordon.  After the railroad was established, Concord thrived on the cotton trade until the arrival of the Boll Weevil in the early 1920’s. 

In the 1890’s, a school was established in the community of Piney Woods on land donated by the Madden family who had acquired it in the land lottery of 1803.  With the assistance of the preachers at Old Hebron Baptist in Concord, the school began to house worship services for the local farmers. Old Hebron had been chartered in 1838.  New Hebron Baptist was formally organized in 1907 with 31 charter members and by 1929, the church had grown to 99 members.  The church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.  This charming sanctuary in the backwoods of Pike County has served the local community for over 100 years now. 

The church has been under the able stewardship of Vicar Dwain Penn since 1998.  Vicar Penn is responsible for the physical preservation of the church since then and has compiled a complete history of the church, resulting in placement on the National Register in 2017.  We are all indebted to him for this beautiful example of early 20th century architecture.  Vicar Penn’s historical background for the National Register can be accessed here.

Be sure to click and scan the gallery photos below for more of the visual beauty and the architectural commentary of this remarkable example of Georgia’s early 20th century history.