Help HRC Preserve Rural History

Suggest a Church — Selection Criteria


Most of the churches were organized in the 18th and 19th centuries and went through a transition from brush arbor, to log construction to one or more traditional frame structures. The existing structure must be at least 100 years old.

Rich History

Some are more historic than others but we value those that have some interesting historical aspect. Sometimes that is the church itself, sometimes the location of it and sometimes the history comes from the interments of the early settlers in the cemetery.

Rural Location

To us this means either in the rural countryside or in a rural village of less than 2,000 population.

Architectural features

The structure needs to have substantial historical construction features on the interior and exterior. The most important thing is that the church has not been overly “improved” over the years so that the visual links to the past have virtually disappeared.


Not all churches have cemeteries but they are a strong plus for us if they have pre-1900 interments. The older the better.