Walthourville Presbyterian

Long County
Org 1820
Photography by Wayne Moore

The Walthourville Presbyterian Church is the fourth church building to have served the needs of, the Presbyterian faith, in largely rural Long County. The first structure, erected in 1820, served as a meeting place for both Baptists and Presbyterians. In 1845 a Presbyterian church was erected, which was destroyed by fire in 1877. The following year a new church was completed, with that structure being destroyed in a storm in 1881. The present church was dedicated in July of 1884.  Second in size in Georgia Presbytery in 1861, this church led in benevolent gifts. The original site for Walthourville Cemetery nearby was donated by William D. Bacon in 1872.



Walthourville Presbyterian Church is a historic Presbyterian church on Allenhurst Antioch Road near Walthourville, Georgia, United States. Construction was started in 1884 and is a frame structure in a Gothic Revival style. It replaced a building that was destroyed by a storm in 1881, which itself replaced a building destroyed by fire in 1877. Except for the main entrance, all windows and doors are lancet arched. The interior retains all of its original furniture.

The Flemington Church and Flemington Society is informally known as one of the “three daughters” of the Midway Society, Midway, Georgia, Because malaria was prevalent in the low swamp lands in the Midway Section, the plantation owners began establishing summer homes in what they termed the pine-lands. These little summer villages were called “Retreats”. 

The interior of the church
retains all its original church furniture, including kerosene lighting fixtures which
have been wired for electric lights.
The Walthourville Presbyterian Church is located approximately two miles southeast

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.[2]