St. Paul AME

Greene County
Org Unknown
Photography by Scott Farrar

We know very little about the history of St. Paul AME. We will add to it as we are able to. The original structure is very old and we would guess that it was built around the turn of the century. The vestibule on the front end of the church was added at a later date. We are struck by the fact that the church has no cemetery and no parking lot. It looks abandoned but, in fact, it is still a functioning church that has periodical services. The interior photo reveals that the sanctuary is well kept and has an active life. The church also has the tag line “The Church That Would Not Die” on the sign by the road and attached to the structure. There is a story here and, hopefully, someone will come forth with it.

We have now been advised that the church was founded in 1892.  That would seem to be consistent with structure.