Siloam Baptist

Greene County
Org 1828
Photography by Scott Farrar

Siloam Baptist Church was originally organized as Smyrna Baptist and was constituted in December of 1828. The name was derived from the community known as Smyrna until 1870, the year a post office was first established. Since there was already a community by that name in Georgia the town was designated Siloam. The church was renamed Siloam Baptist in 1905. In early 1844 the membership had grown to over 100 with the church roll being reported in four columns e.g. white male, white female, colored male and colored female. After the Civil War, the black membership gradually moved their membership to other places. There have been three meeting houses with the present one being erected in 1896. Land was bought over the years and by 1878 the church owned five acres at a cost of $23.15. A portion of the land was used to start the Siloam Cemetery across the street and a lot was given to the Presbyterians to erect their church building when they moved it from Hastings to Siloam.