Shiloh Methodist

Dooly County
Org 1874
Photography by Tony Cantrell

If you have ever traveled on Interstate 75 between Cordele and Vienna, you would have certainly seen the beautiful church above.  Clearly visible from the highway and surrounded by the legendary agricultural fields of Dooly County, it is a striking example of rural church architecture.  Organized in 1874, the church has been located on this spot since one acre of land was donated to the church by James T. Jackson in 1883.  Samuel Anthony was the presiding elder.

Dooly County was formed in 1821 as a result of the First Treaty of Indian Springs that ceded all the land between the Ocmulgee and Flint Rivers.  The main focus is agriculture and Dooly County currently claims to be the largest cotton producer in Georgia, as well as a leader in peanut production.  The county was named for Colonel John Dooly, a Revolutionary War hero who was one of the commanders, along with Andrew Pickens and Elijah Clarke, at the Battle of Kettle Creek.

Alongside the church is an impressive cemetery that contains the remains of some of Dooly County’s earliest and most prominent citizens, as well as a few Civil War veterans.  There are many striking headstones made of good Georgia granite.  The church structure is imposing, as is the interior.  Come inside and take a look.