Shiloh Methodist

Harris County
Org 1892
Photography by Peggy McKinney

Shiloh Methodist is located in the little village of Shiloh on the eastern edge of Harris County.  The Shiloh post office was established in 1874.  We don’t have a lot of history on Shiloh Methodist but according to the History of Harris County 1827 – 1961 the Methodist church was constructed near the railroad on land donated by Daniel Jenkins.  The Jenkins family was prominent in the Methodist Church, as six of its family members served the denomination.  The church was chartered in 1892 and the sanctuary was completed in 1893.

The history relates an interesting story that happened at the church at a service in December of 1955. The church had a contest among the membership for the oldest Bible.  We are told that “There was an interesting assortment of Bibles on the table at the altar of the church for the morning service.  The Oldest Bible was a Scotch Pentateuch, a portion of the first Bible printed in the Gaelic tongues – the language of the natives of Scotland.  It was printed in 1783, and has belonged to the family of Mrs. J.A. Hanson ever since.  It was brought to America in 1790, and has an interesting history with following the Calhoun Clan 172 years.  None of the Scotch descent in the church was able to read a work of the Bible written in the language of their ancestors”. 

The church is inactive and had fallen on hard times, including a seriously compromised roof.  Fortunately, one of the local citizens emerged as a “Preservation Angel” just in time to avert more serious damage.  He acquired the church from the Methodist District ownership and began to make repairs to the roof and the interior of the church.  As you will see from the photos below, she is in good shape now…..just needs a new coat of paint.  Discussions are being held regarding how a re-purposed church such as Shiloh can be used for various cultural activities such as gospel concerts, Sacred Harp singing etc. .  These old treasures do not have to vanish from our Georgia landscape.  She is a beautiful example of what can be done with some local leadership.

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