Rehoboth Baptist

Wilkes County
Org 1806
Photography by John Kirkland

Rehoboth Baptist in Wilkes County was organized in 1806 near Fishing Creek in what was known as Jackson’s Cross Roads, about two miles northwest of the present site. The congregation moved to the present location in 1824, according to church records and in 1890 four members of the church deeded an additional eight acres of land for the present church property.   Around 1900 the community name changed to the present day Metasville, named for a daughter of a Postmaster in Washington, Georgia.  The current building was built in the early 1900’s and the first service was held there Sept 5, 1903. The old church building was left on the property and used as a school until 1925 when it was replaced with a brick structure that still stands on the church grounds.

The “new” building had the customary two entry doors, one for men and one for women. A center aisle separated the ladies and men’s sides. A wood burning heater was located on either side of the church with “the older people sitting nearer the heaters”. Many upgrades were made over the years including the installation of an indoor Baptismal pool to replace the concrete pool at the foot of the hill. The cemetery was started in 1889 with the first interment of C. H. Latimer, however there are numerous interments on Findagrave prior to 1889, with the earliest interments in the 1830’s.  This would be consistent with the church relocation in 1824.   Over the years the cemetery has been enlarged several times.

Nothing reflects the temper of the times better than the original church minutes and we are fortunate that the Rehoboth minutes have been preserved from the beginning.  A quick glance will show that the congregation of Rehoboth took church conduct most seriously.

04/18/1818 – Sister Hughley charges Sister Walker with talking disrespectfully of her.

06/20/1818 – Sister Hughley and Sister Walker reconciled.

05/09/1829 – Excommunicated Bro. John Hopkins for the sin of leaving his wife and going off with her sister.”

02-01-1897 – Brother Thomas J. Danna reported to the church that he had committed the sin of getting drunk, and showed deep penitence in his statement and asked the forgiveness of the church, same was granted.”

March 1888 – The church preferred a charge against Bro. Enoch Butler for the sin of non-attendance. On a motion and a second, he was unanimously excluded.”

The congregation of Rehoboth Baptist has been going strong for over 200 years, celebrating its Centennial in 1906 and its Bi-Centennial in 2006.  The history of this little rural church has been well preserved and we hope she will continue to serve the Metasville community for another two centuries.

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