Parrott Methodist

Terrell County
Org 1891
Photography by Steve Robinson

The village of Parrott was founded by John L. Parrott, a Civil War veteran, who was born on a local farm in 1838. The late 1800’s were a time of growth and prosperity in this part of Georgia and railroads were being built all across the state. The Columbus Southern railroad from Columbus to Albany was now coming on stream and Mr. Parrott decided to lay out the town in 1889. He also decided to name it…….Parrott. In December of that year, the first scheduled passenger train ran through the town.

Parrott Methodist Church was formed as a result of a successful tent meeting organized by three visiting Pastors in 1891. The success of the tent meeting convinced the local Methodists that they needed their own church and this was done with 30 original founding members on land donated by Mr. Parrott. The church prospered for many years but then came the decline of the rural villages of Georgia and Parrott is no exception. The population of Parrott is now approximately 550 people and the church is down to a handful of parishioners. Parrott is a charming rural Georgia village and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Thank you for supporting Historic Rural Churches of Georgia and helping us spread the word. Please be sure to sign up to receive new postings on featured churches.