Notchaway Baptist

Baker County
Org 1839
Photography by Steve Robinson

Notchaway Baptist was formed on the banks of Notchaway Creek in Baker County in 1839. The minutes of the Bethel Baptist Association of 1839 lists Notchaway among the churches asking for membership. Subsequently a history of the Bowen Baptist Association indicates Notchaway became active in 1863 listing first families as Mathis, McMurria, Moore, Bodiford and Jones. Notchaway joined the Bowen Baptist Association in 1872. In November of 1895, a decision was made to move the church building from its location on Notchaway Creek to ‘Old Providence’ while a new sanctuary was being constructed. The new building was completed in 1896. Notchaway is a Missionary Baptist Church and the early minutes show an active interest in missions with collections being taken for both foreign and domestic missions. Notchaway is still going strong and has been actively serving the community since 1863. They have services every Sunday at 11 am and Baptisms are performed in the Flint River that is close by. Notchaway was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. By the way, the water pump in the foreground of the photo still works.