Musella Baptist

Crawford County
Org 1884
Photography by Tony Cantrell

A sketch of Ceres Church found in minute book of The Centennial Association dated August 25, 1900 tells about the early history of the church:


“The Church was first constituted in a school house. Rev. J. A. Jackson was chosen as pastor and served in 1884 and 1885, during which time there was a neat little house of worship erected and dedicated. Rev.

  1. L. Moncrief preached the dedicatory sermon on fifth Sabbath in May, 1885. In November, Rev. W.
  2. Patrick was called and served one year. February 1887, Rev. A. C. Wellons was chosen and served to 1890. May 1891, Rev. G. H. Perdue wa~ called and served to October, 1893, at which time Rev. A. L. Moncrief was called and served until the end of the year, 1899. The Church was without a pastor until March, 1900, when Bro. W. H. Norton was called and is now our faithful pastor.


The Church has been small in numbers from constitution, the highest number being about 35 names.


  1. E. Crowell was licensed to preach in May, 1885. Rev. T. H. Stount aided the pastor in protracted services in August, 1897. The Church in 1899 called to deacon ordination J. Andrew Jackson, E. B. Hatcher, and Walter Carswell. Presbytery- A. L. Moncrief, A. J. Moncrief, J. R. Jester, J. Crowder Mays, and J. A. Jackson.


The Church has been favored with talented visiting ministers to preach to them: B. J. W. Graham, B. B. Williams, B. A. Geiger, Otis Moncrief, J. H. Cline, George Moore, W. L. Pickard, J. Y. Allen, T. N. Cole- man, and J. B. Brookshear.


The Church was in the constitution of the Centennial Association, which was organized in 1884 at Barnesville, Georgia.


The Church has always been a contributor to missions, education, temperance, and now has a Sunday School. Deacon M. J. Moore is Superintendent.


Approved in conference August 25, 1900.”


  1. A. Jackson, writer & W. H. Norton, moderator

The messengers delegated to constitute a new association, met this day: October 24, 1884, with the Barnesville Baptist Church.


Churches:        Valley Grove

New Providence Milner

Mount Zion

Oak Grove (Messengers E. Rowell, W. O. Whittington) Cabaniss

Barnesville Harmony

Ceres (Messenger M. J. Moore) Holly Grove



The new association constituted to be known as The Centennial Baptist Association.


* * *


When Ceres Church was constituted, worship services were held on fourth Sunday and conference the Saturday before.


The Church placed high priorities on each male member attending each conference meeting.


The Church did not take up a public collection when it was first constituted. Those who wished to contribute to the church would place their offering on the communion table at the end of each service.


In the early history of Ceres Church those members who violated the church covenant or decorum were called upon in conference to answer to the charges. (If they were found guilty, and did not apologize to the church, the church would exclude that member from the church.) If they would not attend conference, a committee was appointed from the church membership to visit that member and try to resolve the problem.

e 1893 f

November 25, 1893: Moved and carried that the church pay Bro. Moore $3.75 for stove and pipe to heat church.

e 1894 f

March, 1894: Moved and carried that church services be changed form first Sunday and confer ence Saturday before, to second Sunday and conference Saturday before.


e 1894 f

May 12, 1894: Rev. J. A. Jackson was given permission to preach on each third Sunday night.

Rev. A. L. Moncrief will still serve as pastor.

e 1895 f

January 12, 1895: Moved and carried that Ceres Baptist Church give donation to Benevolence Baptist Church which was destroyed by cyclone. $8.00 was raised.


September, 1895: The Centennial Baptist Association met with Ceres Baptist Church being host church, beginning Friday before the second Sunday.

e 1896 f

November 7, 1896: Brother A. L. Moncrief accepted the care of the church for the same salary ($96.00 a year) for second Sunday preaching. The church agreed to pay $.50 more for

preaching fourth Sunday.  It was moved        and carried that the church be repaired; and Brother Rollins and Dickey be appointed as a committee to decide upon the amount of money needed.

e 1897 f

January 23, 1897: Brother R. L. Dickey reported that two or three dollars ($2 or $3) was needed for repairs on church. Collection taken amounted to $2.10. Moved and carried that a committee to make purchase of material be appointed. Brother Bowen being appointed, the $2.10 was given to him to purchase material. Brethren to meet on Saturday to do the work.


February 27, 1897: Brother Bowen reported on repairs, said he spent $2.00 on blinds and glasses and has

$.10 on hand. Moved and carried that the report be received and the committee be dismissed. Moved and carried that Brother Bowen keep the $.10 as part of reimbursement for broken glass he had repaired.


June 26, 1897: Church voted in conference, moved and carried that church covenant and documents be read and re-adopted.

e 1899 f

August 26, 1899: Church voted in conference, moved and carried to ordain J. Andrew Jackson, Walter Carswell, and E. B. Hatcher to serve as deacons.

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