Mt. Airy Presbyterian

Habersham County
Org 1906
Photography by Randy Clegg

Mt. Airy Presbyterian was organized in 1906 and the structure was completed in 1907. Its architecture reflects its early 20th century Presbyterian heritage – simple yet elegant. The sanctuary is in mint condition and is a visual treat inside and out. From the local church history – ” The Mount Airy Presbyterian Church was organized in September of 1906 with ten charter members. This was during the period when Mount Airy was a prominent resort town having a very attractive and widely known hotel, The Monterey.

Many people came from Atlanta and the coastal towns of Georgia and South Carolina during the summer months. Also, many people had summer homes in Mount Airy. Dr. S. L. Morris, a Presbyterian minister, and Secretary of the Home Mission Board, had a summer home in Mount Airy. He felt the need for a Presbyterian church and was instrumental in the organization of the church. Dr. Henry F. Hoyt, pastor of the Cornelia church, which had been established only eight months earlier, assisted at the organizational meeting of the Mount Airy Church.

The beautiful building was completed in 1907. Dr. Morris made a report to the Presbytery that the building was completed at a cost of $1,000. The addition of the lovely pews brought the total cost to $1,250. Mr. P. D. Ayers, who was a frequent visitor to the Monterey Hotel, attended services when in town. His generous gifts provided the beautiful pulpit furniture, pump organ, silver baptismal bowl, and communion set.

The church never had a large membership, in fact the peak was about 25 members. Even though the church was small in numbers its ministry played a very important role in the spiritual life of the little village. For many years it had a very active Sunday school. Parents from the other churches sent their children to the Presbyterian Sunday School because of the Bible teaching.

The church not only served the spiritual needs of the community, but often the material needs as well, bringing food and clothing for the needy. It has been said that some children in the community would not have received anything for Christmas had it not been for the community Christmas party held at the church.

By 1979, the members had become so few that the membership was transferred to the Cornelia church. The building, which is now a chapel of the Cornelia church, remains unchanged and contains its original furnishings. A piano of the period was donated in recent years and is now in the Mount Airy Chapel.”

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