Millstone Baptist

Oglethorpe County
Org 1788
Photography by Scott MacInnis

Millstone Baptist Church had the great good fortune to have been constituted in the Millstone Creek/Goosepond Creek community of Old Wilkes County, which was created in 1777. Oglethorpe County was then created out of Wilkes in 1793. This community had been settled by Virginians that migrated to that section of Georgia on the Broad and Savannah Rivers. This area cradled governors, senators, a territorial governor, an ambassador, a secretary of state, representatives, explorers and generals….. men and women who rose to exceptional heights in the late seventeen hundreds and into the early eighteen hundreds. For this reason, early 19th Century Georgians referred to Oglethorpe County as ‘The Mother of Statesmen‘.

In January 1788, two giants of the burgeoning Baptist church in Georgia, Rev. Silas Mercer and Rev Jeremiah Walker, helped the people of the community form Millstone Baptist Church. It was placed on seven acres of land that were donated by Martha and Andrew Bell. Its location in such an active community guaranteed that the church would flourish, and it did, well into the 20th Century. The present church building was erected in 1890 and is artfully located in a grove of trees off Millstone Road. Millstone was always known to be a site of plentiful baptisms. The baptismal pool is located down the hill near the creek.

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