Marvin Methodist

Stewart County
Org 1835
Photography by Steve Robinson

Marvin Methodist came out of the congregation located in Green Hill in the 1830s. The Marvin Methodist congregation purchased the present site of the church in 1899 and the church was built in 1900. It was named for Bishop Enoch Marvin. The land the church is built on is covered by a Warranty Deed dated December 6, 1800. This bit of sketchy history is all we have and we are hopeful that someone will come forward with some more. The church is a beautiful structure and is one of three churches located on Church Row in Louvale. Church Row came about as a result of land donated by Dr. William H. Tatum. Dr. Tatum had acquired land adjacent to the Antioch church and donated some of it, first to the congregation of Marvin Methodist church and later to the New Hope Baptist congregation.

The church makes a beautiful architectural statement that is entirely appropriate to the location, access ramp notwithstanding. It has a corner tower with a prominent belfry. The front entry is on the side through the tower and then into the sanctuary. The structure is beautifully maintained by the present congregation and it is obvious that the congregants of Marvin Methodist have been good stewards of this historic jewel in a remote location in Stewart County.