Live Oak Methodist

Almost Gone But Not Forgotten County
Org 1888
Photography by Steve Robinson

Almost Gone But Not Forgotten

We can find almost nothing on the history of Live Oak Methodist, located in a remote part of Turner County.  There is a brief mention of it in The History of Turner County  that speculates the church was a reorganization of an older church originally located about two miles away.  Perhaps some more will emerge and we can add to it.  The cemetery is substantial and appears to be an active one.  The earliest interments are in the 1880s, which is consistent with the org date and age of the church. There are a few Confederate veterans there as well.  The character of the cemetery reveals that Live Oak was once a prosperous congregation in this agricultural community.

Brian Brown’s Vanishing South Georgia website has some additional history and can be accessed here.  Since this was posted the church has deteriorated substantially and will not be around much longer, unfortunately.  While the interior looks like it is not in bad condition, the roof has become compromised and, barring a serious intervention, will soon collapse on itself.  We might point out the composition roof which has a short life span compared to a tin roof.  Had tin been used when the last roof was replaced, she would still be with us for a few more years. Live Oak Methodist is another casualty of the shift in the population centers of Georgia resulting in declining congregations and abandoned churches.

Live Oak Methodist may not be with us much longer but even though she is almost gone, she is not forgotten.