Liberty Hill Methodist

Wilcox County
Org 1888
Photography by Tony Cantrell

One of the important founding families of Liberty Hill were Amos and Lucy Winslette, who moved from Alabama to Wilcox County in the late 1800’s.  The first church was constituted in a log cabin but was soon replaced by a simple frame building.  In 1918 the present church was built and the old frame building was converted to a school.  The church history tells us that “The new church building was a great source of pride to its members.  It was a magnificent structure, rather large for the time, and it was well known as one of the most beautiful country churches in the area……Mothers would bring their babies and leave them napping on pallets during the services”.  A severe tornado damaged the church in 1936 but it was immediately restored.

Liberty Hill is located in a very rural setting amid the fields and pine trees of Wilcox County.  Though remote, Liberty Hill is very active with a vibrant congregation that has been serving this farm community for over 130 years.  We are grateful for their stewardship of both the church and the history that goes with it.  In the adjoining cemetery, there are many turn of the century graves of some of Wilcox County’s early settlers.  Be sure to click and scroll on the photos below to learn more about Liberty Hill and some of these early inhabitants of Wilcox County.