Jennings Baptist

Taliaferro County
Org 1894
Photography by Scott Farrar

Jennings Baptist Church, which is just a little east of Crawfordville and west of Sharon, was established in 1894. The present church building was built in 1904. The building is a typical one room front gabled structure with two equally sized front doors. This style of dual entrances is typical of 19th century evangelical churches. It is occasionally referred to as the “Presbyterian way” in the 19th century, but other denominations had this same arrangement. One door was for men, and the other women. Along with segregated entrances, seating in the pews was also kept separate. Because of the proximity and age of the Crawfordville Baptist congregation, it is most likely that this church was created for the ease of nearby farmers to worship and have fellowship without having to make the trek to Crawfordville.