Green Grove Baptist

TBD County
Org 1886
Photography by Wolfgang Enneker

Green Grove Baptist & Green Grove School in Stewart County were placed on the National Register in 1995.  Below are direct quotes from the NR history.

The Green Grove Baptist Church Complex, which is made up of the Green Grove Church, School, and Cemetery, is significant for its architecture, and for its importance in the educational, African American, and religious history of the Green Grove Community, as well as in Stewart County, and in Georgia. It is an extremely intact resource which still plays an important role in the area. The Green Grove Church Complex is being nominated at the state level of significance because it is an excellent example of a church and school complex in a rural black community which has had very few alterations and is still used as a church for its original congregation which was established in 1886.

It was built in an era when the prevailing attitude toward education for blacks did not provide much, hence the church took charge of the situation which was a common approach throughout the South. The church established the school and ran it first inside the church until the school building was secured. The school building reflects the bare-bones nature of rural educational facilities of the times, with no bathrooms or running water.

The scope of the community was as far as seven to ten miles. It served school children from distances as far as seven to ten miles from the south, west, and northwest, and as far as three miles more or less from the east. Green Grove Community grew in population in the late 1880s because of the opportunity for farming offered to them by white land owners with land in the Green Grove Community and far beyond it. From interviews, surveys, and past census information, the community numbered from 2,000 to 2,500 people in the late 1880s to the early 1900s. The community consisted of many houses scattered in all directions on white—owned farm lands.

The Green Grove Church was a frame structure built soon after the congregation was organized under a bush arbor on the site in 1886. After the 1919 tornado when the original building was destroyed, a second church was completed in 1920 which was destroyed by fire in 1924. Although the previous churches and cemetery were on the same site, it was decided to build the new church at the present location on land given to the congregation for this purpose by Miss Hettie York, a white woman who lived near the Green Grove Community. The present building was completed in 1927.

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