First Presbyterian of Union Point

Greene County
Org 1898
Photography by Scott MacInnis

Click HERE for an interior tour of First Presbyterian Church of Union Point

This church began its history in the Union Point Community around 1860. In 1872 it was formally charted as the First Presbyterian Church of Union Point by the Presbytery of Augusta with 19 members. During the next 25 years the town began to recover from the ravages of Civil War occupation and flourished. It was decided in 1898 to replace the original church building with the structure that still stands today; a pleasingly designed structure with finely crafted interior furnishings and many large windows.

The windows are a unique and beautiful feature of the architecture of the church. All four walls are composed of approximately 75% glass in each wall. At the time of construction, the large window areas were filled with translucent glass that was much cheaper than filling in with so much brick work. During the early 20th Century, these were replaced by church members with stunning memorial, stained glass windows. Prominent families and church supporters, Hart, Sibley, Bryan, Boyd, Newsom, Lamb and others are memorialized. The churches windows are considered as some of the finest “turn of the century “ craftsmanship in the southern United States.