First Baptist Church of Marshallville

Macon County
Photography by Tony Cantrell

First Baptist Church of Marshallville has served the people of Marshallville and missions at home and abroad for over 160 years. Founded in August 1848 as Greenwood Baptist Church, the church moved to Marshallville in 1850 but waited until 1860 to change its name to Marshallville Baptist Church.    During our history our church has constructed two buildings for worship. The first was dedicated to the glory of God in 1861; the second was dedicated to the glory of God in 1920 after the first burned in 1911. 

MansueLLvILLE Bapttsr CHuncn.
By Pearl Chatfuld ?’rederirk,
In 1848, the Greenwootl Baptist Church lvas constituted. This
latcr bccame the Marshallville Baptist Church. The original members are as follows: Uriah Slappy, Mary Slapp-v, Elizabeth Slappy,
Bzekiel Adams, Martha Adams, Mary Rodgers, |ane Harrel, antl
Matilda Harrel. In 1851, Sister Mary Lee rvas received by letter
from the Macon Church.
The frrst pastor called to this church was Rev. )ohn lV. Cooper
rvho served from 1848 to 1850. The first regularly appointed clerlr

was Littleberry Mullrey who u,as made so in 1850 and served about
two years. The longest pastorate was that of Rev. A. L. Moncrief, who served for eleven years, Rev. W. C. WilLes served eight
years. His pastorate is referred to as one of “precious memory.”
The earliest record of the election of deacons is found in “Minutes of Conference held in October, 1855,” at which time |ohn
Lamar and |esse Rice lvere elected to this oflice. Later Brethren
Alfred Acree, I. T” Broyles, |ohn L. Bryan, G. M. Patterson,
and Thomas L. Douglas, have occupied this position.
In 1851, Brother lV. H. Rice was elected church clerk. For
thirty-four years he kept a faithful record of the proccedings of this
church, and to him more than all others we are indebted for the
facts concerning the early history of thc church. In addition to
his duties as clerk, he preached for this church one Suada;r in
each month for many years, asking and receiving no fee or reward
except that blessed &ssurance and reward that follows faithful
and consecrated labor in the service of the Master.” Upon his
death the church elected his son, Wm. H. Rice, church clerk.
He served in this capacity until he was rnade a deacon in 1892.
It may be truly said that “Mr. Willie” was “his father’s son” as
he remai’,ed a faithful and tireless worker until called to his reward
in 1932. These few grains of Rice have helpeel make a bounteous
harvest for the Marshallville Church. Their tradition is still being
camied on by Mrs. Dollie Dykes Rice, wife of Wm, H., and their
two daughters, Mrs. Ethel Rice Lee and Miss Wiltie Rice. Miss
Willie has been in charge of the church music for years and her
interest and loyalty have added much to the church services.
The records disclose thc curious fact that this church, since its
constitution, has worshipped iu no less than five different meeting
houses. First at St. Pauls, next at the Anti-lt{issionary Chureh,
which occupied the lot where the H. W. Ta;rlor residence now
stands, and at the same time services were hetd alternately at
Glorious Hope, or the hill above Felton’s Mill, In 186l in the
large wooden building located on the site of the present brick
structure, The land upon which the church building now stands,
about four acres, was given by Dr. G. L. D. Rice.
[n 1860, the name of tlre church was changed from Greenwood
Baptist Church to Marshallville Baptist Church. In September,
1858, at a regular conference the following men were appointed as a
committee to superintend the building of a Missionary Baptist
22tt Hrsronv or Macou Couury
House of Worship: Dr. G. L. D. Rice, Austin Cooper, W. H. Rice,
L. M. Felton, Seaborn Bryan, A. Acree, and |udge foseph D”y.
This cornmittec was aided by the following committee of ladies:
Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Orr, Mrs. S. Were, and others. This building
was dedicated, February 18, 1861, Rev. B. F. Tharpe preaching
the dedicatory sermon. It rvas burned and replaced by the present
brick building. This church has sent out from its membership
the following ordained ministers: $f/. H. Rice, I.


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