Euphrates Baptist

Glascock County
Org 1830
Photography by John Kirkland

Euphrates Primitive Baptist Church is a frame church of weatherboard, built in 1873.  The beautiful pews are hand hewn. The walls and the sagging ceiling are of wood. The originality of the interior is stunning. Much of it is original and in relatively good shape, but the early history is a bit blurry. We think it is the second church built on this site, as the organization date is 1830. The setting is very rural, sitting quietly at the crossroads of two dirt roads near the community of Edge Hill, which has a history typical of many rural communities that were once vibrant, but now have little left to remind us of days gone by.  Edge Hill has the distinction of being the smallest incorporated city in the state of Georgia. The population in the 2010 census was listed at 24.  In it’s heyday children attended a large brick school there. Now the school is covered in vines and will soon succumb to the elements. Inside one can see the evidence of kerosene lamps and the typical wood stove cover in the ceiling.

Across the road is a cemetery with cedar trees and unmarked graves.  It is the final resting site of several Civil War soldiers as well as one Revolutionary War soldier, Jeremiah Wilcher.  Jeremiah received several land grants for his war service and the Wilchers were one of the dominant families in this part of Georgia in the early 1800s.  Of the 120 interments in the cemetery, 28 of them have the surname Wilcher.  Jeremiah Wilcher, a founder of the church was born in Virginia in 1760 and died in 1830, the year the church was organized.  His grave marks the first interment in the cemetery.

Edge Hill Community (formerly known as the Jule Wilcher Quarters) was named by Mrs. J.C.A. Wilcher who taught school for a long period of time.  She was a native Virginian and began her teaching career in her native state.  Her maiden name was Miss Sara Sallie Madison.  She was a relative of the fourth United States president, James Madison. Shortly after the war between the states, she came to Rockmart, Georgia, as a teacher.  While teaching there she met and married the Honorable J.C.A. Wilcher, a Representative in the Georgia Legislature.  After being married, they moved to Mr. Wilcher’s home community in southern Glascock County where she continued her teaching career in a log cabin where rough boards were used for seats.  While teaching here, she was given the honor of selecting a name for the community surrounding the school.  She called it Edge Hill, for a small village in her native state.

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