England Chapel Methodist

Butts County
Org 1887
Photography by Tony Cantrell

In 1885, a group of Methodists began to meet for worship in this area. In the early years, they met under a brush arbor and during the winter months. Services were held in a nearby schoolhouse with B.H. Sasnett serving as the early minister.

Within a few years, members desired a permanent structure for worship, so in 1887, the group purchased a 1-acre parcel of land for $10 from David Carmichael, about 1 mile away from their original meeting site. Members cut trees from their lands to give for building the church and a local man, J.B. Settle, who operated a sawmill nearby, offered to prepare the timber. Members helped to erect the building as well. When services began in the church, the Reverend J.E. England was the first minister and as such, they named it in his honor. 

In 1948, upgrades and repairs or made to the building including a complete renovation of the inside of the sanctuary. Sunday school rooms were added however the outside appearance of the church remained the same.  In 1965, the congregation purchased a new piano and in 1968, new windows were installed.

The church has remained active throughout the year and still holds services in this quaint country chapel 135+ years later.