Cool Springs Church

Almost Gone But Not Forgotten County
Org 1920 (est)
Photography by Tony Cantrell

Cool Springs Church, located in a remote part of Wilkinson County, is another church in the Almost Gone But Not Forgotten category.   We have no history other than the fact that it is identified as Cool Springs Church on the Google map. These churches are remnants of the sharecropper system that replaced the plantation system after the Civil War.  They were the center of the rural community they served.  Many hymns were sung here, many souls were saved, marriages performed and eulogies for the departed given.

Judging from the construction and layout of the church we would surmise that it was an African American church built in the early 1900’s.  Notice the fieldstone footings in the gallery photos below.  Soon the building will be compromised by the weather, the structure will collapse and the woods and fields from whence she came will take over.  Soon there will be no trace of her existence, and that is why we think it is important to document these old treasures while we still can. They were an important part of Georgia’s history and even though they are almost gone they are not forgotten.