Clark’s Station Baptist

Wilkes County
Org 1788
Photography by Scott MacInnis

This historic church, originally located on Clark’s Creek, was constituted in 1788 by Elders Sanders Walker and Silas Mercer, with 11 members. It was at the meeting of the Association at Clark’s Station in 1821 that resolutions were passed which resulted in the organization, the next year at Powellton, of the Georgia Baptist Convention. In 1850, the house of worship was removed from its original site two or three miles west to its present location. That building was remodeled in 1944 under the pastorate of Rev. J.R. Kirkland. Clark’s Station Baptist was one of the first of around eight Baptist churches that sprung forth in Wilkes county before the end of the 18th Century. Following the lead of nearby Fishing Creek Baptist(founded in 1783), the first Baptist church in the county, Clark’s Station and the others that followed became the focal points within each community for hundreds of years to come.