Carmel Baptist Church

TBD County
Photography by Scott Farrar

Newton County;

Two interesting stories on this church that I think would be good to include:
1. Sherrod Smith is buried here. He pitched against Babe Ruth in the 1912 game 2 of the World Series  –
2. “Elevator Boy” – I took a photo of the AJC article and uploaded it. He died in an elevator accident in Atlanta, and was buried in Mansfield even though his family was from Atlanta. He’s the only member of the family buried there to date. Tragic  story, but one worth telling I think.
This is a good church with what appears may be some good connections for that area. Wayne Blackwell (his family is the Blackwells who are buried at Hopewell Baptist) who I met there is working on getting me a few more contacts for Newton and surrounding counties. He’s also checking to see if his family has any history for Hopewell.