Bronwood Methodist

Terrell County
Org 1857
Photography by Steve Robinson

Bronwood Methodist is a beautiful example of rural church architecture located in the little agricultural town of Bronwood in Terrell County. There is not a lot of church history available but according to South Georgia Conference Methodist archives, the roots of the church go back to camp meetings held at Coney’s Head on Kinchfoonee Creek.  The original church was known as Salem Church, built in 1857 on land purchased from Thomas Caldwell.  Salem’s membership then declined over time and the building was sold to the African American church. 

The History of Terrell County tells us that the present church was built in 1889 on land purchased by the Trustees from the estate of R. C. Martin.  It also tells us that a parcel of land was purchased in 1887 from W. S. Dozier for a parsonage built to house the pastor and his family.  According to Wikipedia, Bronwood was originally called Brown’s Station, named after a railroad official in 1858 when the railroad was extended to that point.  The Georgia General Assembly incorporated the town in 1883 as Bronwood, with the town’s limits extended in a one mile radius from the depot at Brown’s station.

An act of the Georgia Legislature dated May 9, 1827 created 5 counties, Lee, Muscogee, Troup, Coweta, and Carroll, from lands acquired from the Creek Indians for $28,000.00. Randolph County was created from Lee in 1828. The early settlers found it impossible at times to get to the county seats of the above counties crossing Kinchafoonee Creek to get to Webster and Lee Counties and Cuthbert across Ichawaynochaway, so on February 16, 1856, the Georgia Legislature created the new County of Terrell which was named for the eminent Physician and Statesman, Dr. William Terrell of Hancock County. 

Bronwood is one of those architectural masterpieces that you run across so often in rural Georgia.  There have been many changes over the years but the essential historical character of the church is still present.  Almost all of these old masterpieces were built by local craftsmen out of local material.  She has been lovingly maintained by a dedicated congregation for over 125 years now and is still going strong.  Quite remarkable for a south Georgia rural town of less than 300 population.  Thank you for your stewardship.  Be sure to click and scroll the gallery photos below for more information.