Blooming Grove Methodist

Polk County
Org 1856
Photography by Andy Sarge

Almost Gone But Not Forgotten

Blooming Grove Methodist is located in a very rural setting in West Georgia between Tallapoosa and Cedartown.  We find many of these haunting old structures in rural Georgia that are slowly falling apart, and we think it is important to document what we can while we still can.  She won’t be with us much longer but she was once a proud church in the center of this rural community that she has served faithfully for over 150 years.  She is Almost Gone But Not Forgotten.

We know from a local history that it was organized in 1856 in a log building that also served as a school house.  J. W. Trawick was the first pastor.  The history from the North Georgia Methodist archives also tells us “At one time there were twenty or more springs of different minerals here, and is said to be the assembly grounds of the Cherokee Indians back in the days before the Trail of Tears.  Just across the mountains from Blooming Grove ….is Tallapoosa, Georgia, where Captain Tumlin organized a Company of Georgia Mountain Volunteers in which Sargent Duncan H Tally the grandfather of Oscar B. Tally, who is recording these remembrances and hold Grandfather’s discharge papers on their return from this treck westward of the Indians from this section.  We have here also one of the old cemetaries of the County.  In which our negro slaves were also buried.

The history then gives a long list of some of the settlers of this section as well as a listing of the early pastors and ends with “Thus Blooming Grove continues to work for social and civic righteousness having graced the homes of the leaders of the present and past… go forth and bless the world around us, while our farmers and merchants provide our food across the channels of service. like the great Master, who came not to be ministered unto, but to minister”We are grateful to Melvin Woodruff for bringing this old jewel to our attention. 

Be sure to click and scan the photos below for more information about the church and the early settlers who lived here.