Berlin Methodist

Richmond County
Org 1827
Photography by John Kirkland

In the book A Lost Arcadia by Walter A. Clark, Berlin Methodist was organized in the 1830’s in a log building that also served as a school house. However, a 1971 church pamphlet states that the church was organized in 1827 and lists the trustees of the church. It states that the church must have declined somewhat because it was “revived in 1873”. According to another document, “Rev. B. F. Farris organized Berlin Church in a little log school house near where the church now stands” and shortly thereafter, several of the members decided to construct a new church to replace the log structure. Mr. Hezikia Atwell deeded an acre of land to the church and many member pitched in to give money for the construction or donated labor and/or timber. Construction was managed by John Trowbridge and later by Zack Collins. “Rev. R.A. Seals was the second pastor who served the church, and during his pastorate the building was completed and dedicated by Bishop George F. Pierce in 1877”.

The present choir loft was built in 1926 and a new pulpit and altar were installed in the front of the church. The history states that the church has two communion sets, one being presented in 1879 and the other in 1926, in memory of James R. Collins. The pulpit Bible was presented to the church in January of 1875. It further states that Jutson Saxon deeded one acre to the church for a cemetery in 1920 and that the first interment was that of Walter Derry Collins on April 1, 1921.

A lovely quote from the history states that “Berlin sits majestically back in a pine grove, imposing, friendly and inviting. Rich in old tradition and memories, yet still young and going strong. May God bless and preserve you Dear Old Berlin Church”. She still stands just like that and is, indeed, still young and going strong.